Sunday, July 26, 2009


We were invited on the Oroville 1st Ward Super Activity. We spent the week in Yosemite with Dad, Joel and the boys. Though it may seem weird to have a girl on the trip, it really wasn't that bad. We hiked, climbed and froze in the river. Half Dome was awesome!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Old School

As we were packing some of our belongings earlier this week, we came across the Easy Bake Oven. Yes, it is the same one I had when I was 10. Elizabeth found it at the house before our wedding and was kind enough to clean it and rewrap it for a wedding gift. I think it would have been thrown out if not for her. So, I got my cake mixes down from the cupboard and added the 2 tablespoons of water required to make one chocolate and one yellow cake. It even came with 2 different frosting mixes so that I could swirl them together. Before I started baking, I noticed that the Easy Bake was rattling a little. I couldn't see anything wrong with it until I tipped it just right and out came one of the old baking pans! Now I can make, not only cakes, but twinkies! The cakes didn't turn out very well, but I had fun and John and I definitely enjoyed eating them .