Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Time!

In the last month of being pregnant, you usually see the Dr once a week. At our last scheduled appointment on Monday they informed us that we needed to be induced. They asked us to call the hospital and schedule a time between Tuesday and Thursday to go in. Somehow Tuesday morning at 6:30 was the only time they could get us in, in other words... It's Baby Time!

Here are some pictures of a very pregnant Tracie:
Another cute outfit.
The night before.
Just checked in.
Just getting settled.
(Fast-forward...Skip the gruesome pictures)
Cedar LeeAnn Lewis. Born February 28, 2012.
Tracie's first interaction with baby Cedar.
Brand new baby, a relieved mother and a proud Father/Husband.
John's first time holding Cedar.
Tracie's First time with a cleaned up baby.
Moving to a recovery room.
Baby toes.
Baby Cedar.
Mother/baby bonding.
Father/Baby bonding.
Afternoon nap.
Standard testing (heel blood).
Mother kissing baby.
Getting ready to go home.
All buttoned up.
Time to go home.
Welcome home Cedar.
Grandma Robertson and baby Cedar.
Sleeping Cedar.
Just after a bath.
So clean and so shiny.
More snoozing.
Sleeping on Grandma's lap.
Awake and happy.
Sleeping Beauty.

Baby Cedar is the love of our lives. We couldn't be more happy to have such a beautiful angel in our home.