Saturday, April 7, 2012

The last few weeks

We can't believe we have only had Cedar for one month. It feels so normal and natural to have her around. We love being parents. We haven't done much this month, mostly just hanging out at the apartment, trying not to distract John too much from doing his homework. Cedar goes to work with Tracie 2 days a week ( working in the back office, not seeing patients :) And goes to mutual with us each week. Tracie took her cross country skiing a few times last week- and she loved it. We just love having her around!

Our attempt at "cute" pictures...
...good thing she is cute.
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Bath time
She is a beautiful baby

Birthday picture
Happy 29th birthday John
It's what we do best...
Thanks Charity for the cute dress
1 month old

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finally found time...

getting ready for her 2 day check up

sometimes it takes a little effort to open her eyes
Cedar loves her time with her Pappa

she loves to hold things
our first family photo... she didn't love the cold
giving her a bath by ourselves... Grandma Robertson taught us a few tricks

this is what Cedar wears when we go out...
...her first walk in Russian Jack park
John doesn't get much homework done when he has her- good thing he has less than a month left!

playing nertz... I promise she isn't screaming in her swing
We loved having Tracie's mom here

Pioneer Trek bonnet that Grandma had to make here since she couldn't get on a flight home- anything is cute on Cedar!